Welcome to TradeHub®, a new trading and investment experience. TradeHub® is a highly intuitive and easy to use trading and investment platform. Throughout this guide we will explain how to use TradeHub® and how it can be highly customisable and flexible to your trading and investment needs. We will explain how using our innovative products, unique tools and unrivalled transparency we level the playing field. Giving you the tools that large institutional investors have, allows you to grasp the opportunities that they have to be successful traders.

Throughout this guide, we will explain in more detail what key features are at your fingertips when you use TradeHub®, however to summarise these key features, please see the following:

  • Elegant, intuitive and easy to use platform
  • Variable Margins – choose your margin from low levels to 100% and pay for only what you use
  • Ability to input notional amounts in the deal ticket
  • Extremely low lifecycle costs of trading
  • Interactive charting package with a full range of technical studies