TradeHub® for iPhone


YTB ItunesExperience our new investment and trading platform, TradeHub® on your iPhone. Download it from the App Store and discover all the benefits of trading on our new platform.

TradeHub® is an elegant, highly intuitive, and easy to use trading platform. Traders can easily tap into the markets without being overwhelmed by a whole bunch of features and design elements. We have reduced the number of interface elements that have to be dealt with, enhancing the usability and the trading experience.

Benefits of our new platform include variable margin which enables you to control not only the leverage, but also the cost of funding as you will not be charged on the portion of capital you have committed to the trade. You can trade with only a fraction of the total value, but you can also de-leverage your trades by funding 100% of your position and pay no funding at all. It all depends on your degree of risk taking or risk aversion and your trading and investing goals.

In addition, lifecycle costs, narrow spreads, competitive funding costs and advantageous rollover costs are extremely low, resulting in lower barriers to reaching profitability.

Key features of the app:

  • Intuitive margin calculation methods; including the use of Variable Portfolio Margining
  • The ability to utilise all funds on deposit as margin. The ‘Health Status’ of all accounts is monitored in real-time. For your protection, positions are auto-liquidated when the Health Status of an account reaches 0%
  • The ability to force open trades; clients can go long and short on the same product
  • CFDs traded in the underlying currency of the asset (and settled to the currency of the base account for your convenience)
  • The ability to ‘cherry pick’ which specific trades you close (as part of an aggregated position)
  • Consolidated minimum trade sizes
  • Handy interactive ‘tool tips’ that help explain various elements of the platform
  • Intuitive and flexible search function
  • Interactive charts
  • The ability to place trades and orders with risk reducing stops
  • A comprehensive manual and help section
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To access the app, all you will need to do is first open a TradeHub® account.

You can then download the app from the App Store and access it using your login details.

Then read our manual to ensure you make the most of TradeHub® for iPhone.