Welcome to TradeHub®


Welcome to TradeHub®, a revolutionary new trading and investment experience.

We have designed it to give clients what they told us they want. Highly sophisticated technology, revolutionary new products and features and a really easy to use interface all come together to empower you!

Highly Intuitive PlatformTradehub

  • Very easy to understand, a pleasure to use
  • Customisable to your needs
  • Fast and accurate execution

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Variable MarginMargining

  • Choose your margin from low levels to 100%
  • Pay for only as much leverage you use

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Notional Value TradesInnovative

  • The choice to input notional amounts for trades
  • Trades will still be standard CFDs and Spread Bets

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Extremely Low Lifecycle CostsCoins

  • Extremely low lifecycle costs = initial spread + rollover costs + funding cost
  • Receive 100% of Announced Dividends on all stocks subject to withholding tax

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